When the sky screams:

Drawing challenge keyword: storm.

Murder by numbers:

Illustrating the latest crime statistics.  

Petrol drop –

Infographic explaining petrol prices

Deciphering E-toll –

A graphic explaining the complicated penalty system of e-toll fines.

AIDs Awareness –

an educational graphic for World HIV/AIDs day

Memories of the massacre –

An interactive commemorative feature on the June the 16th uprisings.

History in pictures

    Illustration for a company specialising in educational comic books

Discovery Health Journalism Awards –

look-and-feel for this prestigious award

Rite of Passage Denied –

Two animated sequences for a documentary on initiation rites – –

Hope to Glory –

HOPE TO GLORY – in three parts Winner of the Sikuvile awards 2016 1 2 3

Africities –

Promotional animations

Land lost –

Animated sequences from an eNCA feature on land reform story

Autumn –

An experiment in combining a rorschach test technique with a pen drawing

Love is a bird

Watercolour and ink drawing, A3

Starman –

Remembering David Bowie

A woman’s story –

My cover design for a new author, Phillipa Mitchell

Bird’s eye view –

a watercolour and ink drawing, A3

Minotaur –

Acrylic on canvas (60 x 90cm)

Pan –

Acrylic on canvas (60 x 90cm)

Introspection –

Acrylic on canvas, (60x90cm)

Fun at work –

Characters of employees for their email signatures

For the children –

website design and illustration for an amazing charity organisation.

Music and memories –

Cover and sleeve for a local band

Let the best man win –

illustrations for EFC character cards

African portrait –

Acrylic on board (90x60cm)

Fear and Loathing in Joburg –

Flyer design for an indie music event.

Abuse sees no gender –

An awareness campaign poster for a local LGBT NGO

Vertigo –

digital drawing

Anarchist Bookfair –

illustration for a website

Incendiary Times –

Newspaper layout – private publication