About me

Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Creative.

“I have worked with hundreds of people during the course of my career.
Anastasya Eliseeva is, without doubt, one of the most talented.
Anastasya has played a key role in eNCA’s transition to graphic-based storytelling.
She invests massive amounts of energy in every project, working hard to understand the brief and identify the essence of the story. She also works well under pressure, producing quality material in the face of stringent deadlines.
I have no doubt that Anastasya will add value to any team she joins.
She is a born storyteller – an artist whose work is much more than just work.
It is, in fact, a calling. ”
– Michael Marillier – News Producer and Reporter at eNCA and eNCA.com


“Anastasya Eliseeva is a master of design. Intuitive, bold and totally brilliant, she has the unique ability of changing an idea into a work of art. She is hardworking, disciplined and a dream to work with.”
– Melinda Ferguson – Author, journalist and publisher MFBOOKS


“Anastasya is one of the most creative and talented illustrators and animators I’ve worked with. Her ability to convey tone and emotion in her work is excellent. She’s understanding and patient with client changes and cares about getting the final work right.”
– Bianca Ackroyd, Journalist eNCA


“While Anastasya will embrace your brief perfectly and professionally, what she achieves still surprises. The way she perceives the world always reveals connections and insights you did not expect, adding value, breaking predictable conventions and tired cliches.”
– Andre Croucamp, director at MindBurst and Media developer


I am many things.

I’m an award-winning designer, illustrator and animator, with over twenty years of. experience.

I’m the creative bringing colour to stories, re-imagining history and creating visuals for news pieces that comunicate to the mind and the heart. I am the quiet painter producing posters for Amnesty International. I’m the invisible hand that brings book covers to life, including Pan Macmillan’s bestselling Cold Case Confession. I’m an activist. An art therapist. A community builder.

I am an artist.

If you have a creative job / assignment that requires an artist, who has worked in media, advertising and education, let’s work together.

I studied painting and design at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg and continued my studies by obtaining a Fine Arts diploma from Wits Technikon.

After starting out doing freelance murals, backdrops and illustrations, I moved into digital art. I have specialised in illustrating, designing and animating (2d) for social media, web, film, educational material, online games, books, comics and news stories. At eNCA, I also worked on website banners, promotional posters (for the likes of Discovery Insurance) and graphics.

I’m fluent in the following programmes: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects and Flash. When it comes to traditional art, there is virtually no medium I haven’t worked with, from painting walls to sculpting theatre props. I create animated stories and do photography and have also written a few news features.

I’m extremely passionate about the world, which helps with my work. I thrive while learning new skills and can handle heavy workloads and tight deadlines. When I take on a project, I am always prepared to put in extra hours and effort in order to make sure the client is happy and I can be proud of the finished product.

Art is my life. It is my passion. And I am ready to share my energy and creativity with you.