Bio-Mastery Publication

Design and Layout of Alumni Post publication

the sparrow and the horned nightbird

THE SPARROW AND THE HORNED NIGHTBIRD – Wimpy kids book series  Read here:

Logo Design – SASEP


Cold case, hot cover:

  My design and illustration on the cover for Cold Case Confession, a best-selling book published by Pan Macmillan.

Tiny Vinyl

Keeping the peace:

A double-page infographic for Good Governance Africa (GGA) magazine.

To Russia with love:

An internal Discovery campaign around an annual incentive trip to Russia.

Things even Gonzalez can’t fix book cover


Don’t Talk About it Ever Book Cover

A brand new book being released by Jacana publishers and my design

Remembering an icon:

Mandela Day banner. A collage made from his press photos.

Pandas and paradise:

Logo designs

Huawei – Social media banners

some of the collateral for the social media pre-launch campaign

Toy soldiers:

A creative project to illustrate military spending.

Reality check:

Infographic for World Hunger Day based on the latest statistics.

Gouda Day:

Marking “World Smelly Cheese Day”.

Murder by numbers:

Illustrating the latest crime statistics.  

Petrol drop –

Infographic explaining petrol prices

Deciphering E-toll –

A graphic explaining the complicated penalty system of e-toll fines.

AIDs Awareness –

an educational graphic for World HIV/AIDs day

Memories of the massacre –

An interactive commemorative feature on the June the 16th uprisings.

A woman’s story –

My cover design for a new author, Phillipa Mitchell

Fear and Loathing in Joburg –

Flyer design for an indie music event.

Incendiary Times –

Newspaper layout – private publication

On the road to health –

A poster design for Discovery

Animal exports –

an article on animals being exported out of SA