the sparrow and the horned nightbird

THE SPARROW AND THE HORNED NIGHTBIRD – Wimpy kids book series  Read here:

  Green Peace Africa – illustration for an Air Pollution Campaign


Portrait of Nina Simone for a Mixtape Podcast

School to Prison

School to Prison – an illustration for an article published by Daily Maverick

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – 80th Birthday Article illustration

The Gaza conflict


Caster Semenya

South Africa’s top personalities


Human Rights Day

EFC Head to Head

Jacob Zuma

Violence Against Women

District Six

Cyril Ramaphosa

Autism Awareness Day

Memorial Portraits 2016


The artist’s way:

    Illustrations to accompany various categories of the Discovery Artistry Awards.

Gone but not forgotten:

    An illustration of some of the famous people who died in 2016

One story to rule them all:

The biggest news story to hit South Africa in a decade. Exploring the main characters in the Oscar Pistorius trial.


Illustrations for a book about a Birdgirl who meets wolves and learns to fly

Light in all the darkness:

eNCA website banner of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

History in pictures

    Illustration for a company specialising in educational comic books

Discovery Health Journalism Awards –

look-and-feel for this prestigious award

Starman –

Remembering David Bowie

Fun at work –

Characters of employees for their email signatures

For the children –

website design and illustration for an amazing charity organisation.

Music and memories –

Cover and sleeve for a local band