Memories from my first informal Art Therapy session at Amuse

Art therapy – self portrait

One of my students did this piece in my art therapy class. it’s a self portrait, ink and bleach

My first blog entry

This is a blog entry.

The artist’s way:

    Illustrations to accompany various categories of the Discovery Artistry Awards.

Gone but not forgotten:

    An illustration of some of the famous people who died in 2016

Remembering an icon:

Mandela Day banner. A collage made from his press photos.

One story to rule them all:

The biggest news story to hit South Africa in a decade. Exploring the main characters in the Oscar Pistorius trial.

Pandas and paradise:

Logo designs


Acrylic on canvas. (1m x 60cm)


Illustrations for a book about a Birdgirl who meets wolves and learns to fly

Huawei – Social media banners

some of the collateral for the social media pre-launch campaign


When the urge strikes, it’s time for street art.

African sunset:

Acrylic on board. (60×90 cm)

Hedgehog in the fog:

Private order for a baby room. Painting based on a Russian cartoon. (2m x 60cm)

Toy soldiers:

A creative project to illustrate military spending.

Reality check:

Infographic for World Hunger Day based on the latest statistics.


Acrylic on canvas. Kazuo Ohno was a Japanese dancer who became a guru and inspirational figure in the dance form known as Buto

Joburg skyline:

Private order. Acrylic on canvas. (2m x 90cm)

Diamanda Galas:

Acrylic and mixed media on board. Portrait of singer and artist Diamanda Galas (60cm x 80 cm)

Silver lining:

Private order. Silver Birches painted on a loft wall.

Light in all the darkness:

eNCA website banner of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Closing Time:

A portrait of Leonard Cohen after his death. (Charcoal, pencil, pen)

A prince and his rose:

An illustration based on The Little Prince. Mixed media.

Deer woman:

Traditional drawing digitised

Keeping it in the family:

Portraits of my family, created for special occasions.

Drawing challenge:

Sadness: A sample of my daily drawing challenge, based of random keywords.

Gouda Day:

Marking “World Smelly Cheese Day”.

When the sky screams:

Drawing challenge keyword: storm.

Murder by numbers:

Illustrating the latest crime statistics.  

Petrol drop –

Infographic explaining petrol prices